Trainings and seminars

Understanding Iran: training sessions for journalists on obtaining and interpreting information from open sources that cover Iran

Scope of training:

  • Introduction discussing Iran’s political system, history, society, culture, religion;
  • Main assumptions, directions and narrative. How to quickly jump over the first barriers and start reading between the lines;
  • Special features of the Iranian media scene, ways of obtaining and interpreting information;
  • Open sources: which to trust and which not to. Examples of pro-government and opposition sources, characteristics of disinformation;
  • Ways of using information and disinformation in analytical journalistic work;
  • Exercises in obtaining and interpreting information and disinformation in the context of geopolitical frameworks.

The training is tailored to the client’s needs – we adjust the time and complexity to the needs.

Estimated duration of the basic scope: 4 hours

Exercise: 2 hours

Estimated duration of the extended scope: 6 hours

Exercise: 2 hours

Materials provided: in PDF format

Before starting the training, we recommend completing training on the information analysis cycle and open-source intelligence.

If required, we are ready to indicate suppliers of such training or introduce a module on analysis and open source intelligence into our training offer.