Przybyszewski about the Zarif Tape, quotes in media

Recently, portal has published an article by the president of AFF, Ł. Przybyszewski, entitled “Zarif Tape – not scandalous, but a treasure trove for information warfare”. Łukasz Przybyszewski presents the hypothesis that the “disclosed” tape with the statements of the IRI foreign minister could be part of a wider information operation: “The so-called << Zarif tape >> became a scandal only because it was supposed to be one. Pandemic and slowdown followed by slow economic recovery are factors increasing the risk of low voter turnout. ”

You can read the article here.

Ł. Przybyszewski was also quoted in Al-Monitor on reports of low effectiveness of Chinese vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.

The article is available here.

We also recommend Ł. Przybyszewski’s commentary on the death of a Swiss diplomat in Tehran, made for the Asia Research Center of the Military Art Academy at the Security Research Center.

The commentary is available here (PDF).